With over 6 years in marketing + administrative services, we know how to serve our clients with integrity, reliability, and success!

Let’s make your online business presence work in your favor! We want to help you and your business succeed!

See below for a full list of packages for your VA, social media, Pinterest, and graphic needs.

Packages + prices are dependent on the scope of your business needs + can be tailored accordingly.

Virtual Assistance

With over 5+ years of administrative experience (from college to exec level) we know how to run the background tasks of businesses! Let us take over your administrative duties so you can get back to growing your business how you do it best. 

We offer a variety of project skills that suit your business needs.

Project/task experience includes:

» Email + calendar management

» Customer email correspondence

» Google Doc/Dropbox file management

» Research

» Minute taking

» Editing + Proofreading

» Presentation creation

» Comment replies (blog, FB lives, webinars, etc)

» FB group management

» Webinar management

» Travel booking (flihgt + accomodation)

Packages are dependent on tasks or projects needed for your business. You can hire us on an hourly basis or buy our hourly packages:


1 hr/month  || $43

5 hr/month  || $187

10 hr/month || $347

20 hr/month || $647


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Pinterest Management

Pinterest can be a vital tool in growing your business or blog. Are you ready to outsource your pinterest management or graphics? Need Tailwind scheduling and maintenance? What about board/pin SEO and optimization?

We got you covered – because Pinterest is our specialty. 

What’s included:

» Initial cccount optimization: profile, board + pin descriptions

» Schedule X pins via Tailwind

» Create X custom pins/week [optional]

» Pin graphic creation [optional]

» SEO optimized bio/board + pin descriptions

» Strategic pinning to relevant group + personal boards.

» Increase account reach through Tailwind Tribe participation

» Follow + engage with relevant pinners/boards

» Must have or create Tailwind account <<

Please expect at least 3 months for results + proven analytics. 

» Minimum 3 month packages «

$97  per week

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Social Media Account Management

If you still want to create your own content for your audience – but you don’t have the time to actually schedule or post it – that’s where we come in.

Let us take the management tasks out of your social media to-do list so you can maintain your creative streak! 

What’s included:

» Automated scheduling of posts at optimized times 

» Proofreading/editing of content before posting

» 3-10 posts per week (per platform)

» 1-3 researched + relevant hashtag clouds [optional]

» 1 hr/week engagement [optional]


[[ Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter ]]

Prices start at:

$37 per week

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Social Media Content Creation

Are you over creating content everyweek for your social media account/s? Are you burnt out trying to come up with ideas to engage your audience?

We know it can be time consuming, so we specialized in creation just for you! We know how to engage audiences with content. So let us take the reigns and help you! 

What’s included:

» Monthly content calendar

» Content writing + curation with you brand/voice

» Social platforms offered: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter 

» Proofreading + editing

» Your approval + edits implemented

To add on scheduling – see above services

‡ Graphic creation additional cost

Prices start at: 

$107 per week

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Graphic Creation

From Pinterst graphics with call to actions, to IG story templates – we’ve got graphics down. Need 1 or even 50 graphics done? Look no further. 

What’s included:

» Graphic creation curated to your brand

» Size + topic optimized  for you brand

[[Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter]]

Prices start at:

$5 per graphic

Pin Graphics
IG Story Graphic
Recipe Graphic
Blog/Pin Graphic
Social Media Graphic
Recipe Graphic
IG Story Graphic
Social Media Graphic
Blog Graphic

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Social Media Account Audit

Need your social account audited? Let us help! We will analyize, improve, and strategize how to best tackle your online space!

Instagram, Facebook Business Page, or Pinterest

What’s included:

» Profile/Bio/Page Optimization

» Custom strategy

» Content calendar: 28 days

» 30 minute strategy call to discuss

One time fee:


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Don’t want to commit to a package? Do these packages not offer EXACTLY what you are looking for? No problem.

We offer hourly prices too!

|| Hourly packages include any of the tasks above. Your purchased hours will be based on you and your businesses needs. ||