If you’re trying to run an eco-business, odds are you’ve delved into the magical world of ideal customer avatars, otherwise known as ICAs, audience, ideal clients, dream clients, and potential customers. No matter what you call it, we’re all told how to find your ideal customer avatar (ICA), but we aren’t always told how to connect with them. 

You also might not be told that connecting with your ICA is as critical to your business as the villain is in the plotline of every great fantasy fiction. Yep. Connecting with your audience will help you stay relevant in your industry and ultimately grow your business to infinity and beyond. I’ll tell you how, but first let me tell you why

Why You Need To Connect With Your Audience 

First of all, you connect with your audience through your content, AKA your copy. Words are potent, and they can make a massive impact on your audience’s life –if you know how to use them!

When someone reads your words, they need to think, “Oh shit. It’s like [insert your name] is inside my head.” Your words should speak directly to your reader and spark a flame in all the right places. That flame you just ignited is that connection. And when you make this connection, you create a powerful forcefield between you and your reader. 

Connecting with your audience is not only great for your business, but it’s beneficial for your audience, too. Finding that connection point can give your people the validation they needed to take a specific action. 

You’ve just put into words what they’ve been feeling or thinking and have, therefore, validated their thoughts. And feeling validated is powerful, further stimulating that feeling of connection.  

When you find this connection, you move into the realm of captivation; and captivation is what you need to truly connect with your reader. And it’s right here, at this connection point, that the magic happens. Magic is just another word for brand loyalty.

How Do You Connect With Your Reader?

Ok, so now that you know WHY connection is so important, HOW can you write copy that connects with your audience? I think there are three main parts to establishing a profound connection with your readers.

Know Your Audience

To connect with your audience, you need to KNOW your audience. Which is where the whole concept of your ideal client avatar comes in. You need to know what makes them tick, what keeps them up at night. You need to know your audience inside and out.

When you know your audience, you better understand their wants, their needs, and what their reactions will be. This deep knowledge and understanding of your reader will help you write to them. When you write to them using this insider knowledge, your copy will connect with your readers that much faster. You’re connecting with your audience by highlighting issues and interests that are relevant and applicable to them. 

For instance, you probably don’t want to throw in fantasy fiction anecdotes if you know your reader is more of a murder mystery fan. 

Get Vulnerable

Instead of using urgency into your copy to establish a connection, try a little humanity. Get vulnerable. Share your struggles, embarrassments, or any challenges relevant to your audience’s current situation. 

Be empathetic to what you’re audience is struggling with. It’s comforting to know that others share similar struggles to you and your audience will appreciate you walking the path alongside them. There is something deeply psychological about not going through things alone. 

I talk more about how to approach psychology sales copy with more consciousness in this post.

Don’t hold back on what you think or feel because it’s likely that others are thinking and feeling something similar. Plus, when you share your vulnerable thoughts publicly, you’re setting yourself up as a leader in your field. 

Appealing to your audience’s humanity is what will evoke empathy. To do this, you need to take what you know about your audience and intertwine it into a story that connects you and your people. This leads me to my next point. 

Tell A Story

Connecting with your audience starts and ends with telling a story. Your story. When you know your unique story inside and out, only then can you use it to connect with your audience where they need you to show up. 

If you’re helping new conscious entrepreneurs start a business, you need to draw on a story that stems specifically from your journey as a new business owner building your own business. 

This is why you need to know your audience inside and out so you can tell a memorable and compelling story (see tip #1) for where they are currently at in their struggles. Having this insider knowledge allows you to weave vulnerable (see tip #2) elements that are applicable and relevant to your reader. From this, you can then create your saga, also known as your brand story.

In case any of you left-brainers need a little equation to help you along: 

Vulnerability + Audience Insight  + (Writing Genius) = Compelling & Connective Story

Ultimately, if you want your conscious eco-business to survive, it’s essential to get connected and stay connected on a deep level with your audience. Tell captivating stories that will help your brand, your business, and your customers thrive.

If you need some help nailing down your brand story, contact me here!