Having a blog for your business is so important. Yet, so many businesses out there either 1) don’t have a blog, 2) haven’t posted a recent article in months or even years, or 3) know they need to post but really don’t put in the time or effort and give their audience garbage articles. Yuck.

None of the above is good! Blogs are such a great (and easy!) marketing opportunity that way too many businesses are missing out on. When businesses aren’t using this opportunity, I physically (and mentally) cringe. And you should too. I want to tell you exactly why your business needs a blog!

As a business, posting blog content regularly and effectively is an incredible way to show your authority in your field, advertise your credibility and grow your audiences. Blogs are a fantastic opportunity to showcase your expertise. Most importantly, a business that blogs get more leads. 57% of marketers say they’ve gained customers specifically through blogging. See, it’s proven!

Blogging a significant way to successfully establish your online presence. The world is increasingly moving online – so why not move with it?

How to start blogging for your business

So what do you need to do to start blog writing? Come up with and write content that resonates with your audience.


If content that resonates is KEY, then I would further state that consistent blogging is the LOCK that seals the deal. Each one is useless without the other.

It’s a mathematical equation. The more you blog, the more your website increases its reach. It’s that simple. If you have more blogs circulating the internet with the potential to be found, you increase the chances of your audience finding you or your business. A bit like lottery tickets, right?

Now, what do I mean when I say you need more blogs circulating? According to a researched Hubspot article, there is a blog posting quota of about 16+ posts per month. A lot, right? What if I told you that research shows businesses who publish over 15 blog posts a month have 3.5x more traffic than those only posting between 0-4 a month.

How to create and publish all these business blog posts

It can be hard to fill this quota, I know, I’ve been there. The trick is getting a rhythm down. Brainstorm 10-15 topics you want to cover that month. Make bullet points for each blog post with topics you want to cover. You might be surprised what new blog posts are created when you outline ideas. Sometimes you have a lot more to say on a topic than you originally thought! I promise, this is all easier than you think!

If that still sounds like too much work or maybe you’ve just asked yourself, ‘who on earth has time to manage and write 15 articles a month?!’ Well, friend, perhaps, you should look into hiring a copywriter whose job niche works directly with this kind of output. Not sure what a copywriter does? Visit my copywriting services page for more info or just contact me here.

Now, if you decide to write your own blogs posts – that’s FANTASTIC! Keep reading. Even though you should aim for 15 articles a month – that does NOT mean you can put a bunch of random words on multiple blog pages to meet the count. You still absolutely need to provide valuable content for your readers!

Picture blogs as the ships sailing around a vast ocean (the web) just waiting to be found. Blogs help YOUR business get found!

Have you ever searched for a topic in Google, clicked on a blog that related to the said topic? If the blog resonated with you, you likely will start clicking around this webpage trying to find out more, either about the topic or about who wrote it. This in turn, often leads visitors to subscribe to your email list! WIN!

Let’s wrap it up

So let’s bring this all together. Blogging is a vessel that can help you reach a larger audience. By blogging consistently and enough, you have higher chances of your content being found by your ideal audience. The more your blog about your expertise, the more people will start to see you as an expert in your field. You then become their go-to resource for this information, otherwise known as repeat-visitors!

Building trust, authority, and providing an informative resource is the perfect equation for more business and more referrals. So get out there and start blogging!

Do you need a copywriter for your business?

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