You’ve probably heard the big P word. Ok, I’ll say it, Pinterest! It’s the platform everybody stakes their life on – the platform claiming to be THE #1 way they’ve grown their business or THE main traffic driver to their website. This is no tall tale, either. Don’t know this story? We’ll let me enlighten you on some facts of why Pinterest is the platform that will rock your business socks off. First off…

1. Pinterest is Growing…FAST

Pinterest is the fastest growing member-based website with over 250 million monthly users (77.4 million in America, alone). That’s a lot of exposure for your business! It is now the FOURTH most popular social media platform. That’s a big deal, y’all.

Men are the growing users – but this is also probably from the sheer fact that most Pinterest users were women, so of course, the men will be the fastest-growing user category. The trajectory of users is estimated to be 30/70 gender split by 2022, according to eMarketer. Welcome to the Pinterest game guys!

2. Pinterest is in the business of Discovery, otherwise known as Searching.

You could say Pinterest is a bit like Google (it’s exactly like Google). SEO optimization will be your best friend on Pinterest.

While other social media platforms focus on the past and bygone eras, Pinterest users tend to be planning for the future. Want to DIY your next cabinet? Have some holiday craft ideas? Want to know how to write SEO? These are all actions to take in the future. And Pinterest holds those future ideas for you in fun, visual little boards you can categorize and curate to your own perfection. Every creatives DREAM.

Have you ever looked up something so niche on Google that you actually couldn’t find what you were looking for? It happens. And it’s annoying, let me tell you. Conversely, if you looked up something niche on Pinterest, chances are, you probably will find it! Plus one million other new and great ideas that are similar. It’s a great search engine.

3. Pins have a long lifespan.

Pinterest is not like Instagram or Facebook. Posts don’t get lost in the great abyss in the blink of an eye. I can’t tell you how many times I went back to find a post on other platforms and either

  1. Couldn’t find it at all
  2. Spent 10 minutes just searching for it
  3. Searched, got distracted and spent 20 minutes on something completely unrelated.

Not cool, Google

Pins last MONTHS. Sometimes longer. Do you want to know why? 80% of pins are repinned. This means that the Pin you created back in June 2018 linking to your blog post about your trip to Barcelona – well, that pin got repinned multiple times in July, August, get the picture. Basically this ONE pin has been circulating around Pinterest for the past 10 months as people repin it to their own boards.

Repinning of pins causes your original pin to pop up in front of new eyes all the time. And you know what you were doing while your content got shared (repinned) on Pinterest? Probably sleeping, drinking coffee, playing a game of badminton, or accidentally choking on water (we all do it).

4. Did I mention Pinterest is great for pretty much ANY type of business?

Guys, even Target and Whole Foods use Pinterest. Effectively too.

Got an eCommerce business? Awesome! Pinterest grabs 41% of eCommerce traffic. Get to selling using Pinterest, people!

If you have blog posts relating to something you sell, pin them to Pinterest!

Cultural Organization’s Can Use Pinterest Too

Even museums and art galleries (or any organization, for that matter) can successfully leverage Pinterest. Just link your blogs (or any relevant content) to a new Pin and this will drive people who are specifically looking for this content to your site.

Once you get people to your site, the ball is in your court. Use your webpage to intrigue their interest in your organization and ultimately visit! Check out this post about How cultural organizations can leverage Pinterest to increase visitors.

5. Pinterest is VISUAL.

If you’ve got a product, take some pictures of people using it or place your product in a familiar and usable setting and pin those pictures on Pinterest. Why? 25% of people reported buying a product after discovering it on Pinterest and seeing how it was being used or where it could be placed. Product placement is everything!

Did these 5 reasons convince you to get your business on Pinterest? Check out my Pinterest management services. Most business owners don’t have the time to manage Pinterest on top of everything else that goes with running a successful business. That’s where I come in. However, if you DO have time, AMAZING! Pinterest can be so much fun!

As always, comment or contact me for any and all questions! I am happy to help you in any way!  I don’t want your business to miss out on this easy traffic driver and business booster!