If you’re here – that means you’ve just finished Part I of my two-part blog post on how to write sales page copy that converts for your ecopreneur business. (if you haven’t, you should probably click here and have a read).

But I’ll get right to the point and continue where I stopped in Part 1. Your next step in writing your copy is to:

Introduce Your Offer

This is where you FINALLY “formally” introduce your course or product or service. Tack on a little subhead that shares what the result is of your offer should your audience be so inclined to purchase is.

There is nothing fancy about this section. Just get straight to the point.

Highlight the results

After your offer introduction, you can tell them why your offer is different from ALL the other offers out there. Add in any unique selling points you have. 

What will they learn or take away from your offer?

What will they be able to do at the end of your course?

Highlight the results they will get from this offer.

From the wardrobe example above, these women will learn how to be fashionable while also  decreasing their impact on the world.

Tell Them What’s Included

Let your readers know EXACTLY what’s included in the course or what the features are of your product or service. 

Walk them through each module or feature and what they’ll get out of it. 

Don’t miss any out! You’d be surprised how many people will buy an offer specifically for ONE feature or module that they want access to.

Tell them who the offer is for

This is your last chance to clarify who this offer is meant for and why this investment is worth it if they want to achieve their dreams.

For example, the wardrobe course is for the ladies in the back who want to make a significant environmental impact through their wardrobe choices while also being confident and excited to get dressed each day. 

We aren’t trying to convince anyone of anything here. We just want to clarify who the offer is for. If they see themselves in this statement, then this offer is meant for them! And we’ve done our job well, eh? 

Tell them why now is the time

Emphasize that they can reach those results and reach those dreams sooner rather than later – but only if they start NOW.

Drive home the results they will see after they’ve implemented your offer.

Show them what milestones they will hit (this is where your target audience research comes in handy!). 

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    Introduce yourself

    Don’t forget to introduce yourself for those who have never heard of you. Not to burst your bubble, but this happens. 

    No, we don’t want your whole life story. 

    What we do want to know is why you are the right person to teach them.

    • Why should they learn from you? 
    • What’s your street cred? 
    • What personal experience do you have that will provide valuable insight and help them solve their problems? 

    THIS is what you are writing about in this section. Even though this section is an introduction to you – always talk about THEM. 

    How will your offer change THEIR life?

    How does your experience help THEM?

    If you need a little help getting your introduction going, start by defining your value statement. 

    Deliver Your Value Statement

    Once you know exactly who you are talking to, you can tell them exactly how you can help them or rather, the value that you can provide them. This is known as your value statement. What problem are you solving for them? 

    To nail this value statement down, use the following sentence formula.

    I help ______ to _____ by _____. 

    This formula is made up of three parts:

    • Who you are helping.
    • What you are helping them with.
    • How you are going to help them.

    I help WHO to WHAT by HOW

    My value statement would be:

    I help mindful and eco-oriented small business owners sell their products and services by providing them with creative words that cut through the bullshit and reach their audiences.

    What is your value statement?

    Slide in a nifty FAQ section

    FAQs are a great opportunity for you to handle any and all objections about your offer

    Trust me, there will be objections. And that’s totally fine.

    You can also answer any common questions your audience will have about your offer.

    I recommend doing most (not all) of your objection-busting copy in the FAQ section. Respond directly to each potential argument that may pop up. Explain why these potential issues aren’t issues they need to worry about.

    I always find it helpful to have a 3rd party person read over the sales and give me their objections or tell me what they are confused about. This usually helps cover any potential objections that you might not originally think of.

    Write actionable CTAs (Call to Actions)

    What do you want your users to do when they land on your sales page? Buy a product? Sign up for a membership? Call your dentist?

    Your sales page is the big question mark that you’ve just spent the entire page crafting. 

    Therefore, asking your audience to take an action is a critical point in converting them into paying customers or clients.

    That means your CTA needs to be super obvious and actionable. 

    A great way to create the perfect Call To Action (CTA) is to think of it as an answer to your headline.

    In your heading you proposed an offer to your audience. 

    What do you want your audience to do with this offer? 

    “Sign Me Up”

    “Enroll Now”

    “Join Now”

    “Pay Now”

    You have my full creative leave to try out different ones than those. I can only recommend that you test out which CTAs perform the best on your sales page. Sometimes longer is better like “I Need This Right Now” versus a shorter to the point CTA like “I’m in”.

    Add social proof, testimonials or case studies

    This is where you show off your previous customers and why people love working with you or why they love using your products.

    Examples of these can include everything from:

    • Testimonials of satisfied customers 
    • Links to case studies
    • Logos of companies you’ve worked with

    However you decide to highlight your previous clients or customers’ works. Just make sure they are relevant to the offer you are selling on THIS sales page. 

    Even if you don’t have testimonials for this specific offer, you can either:

    • Send it out to a select few people for beta testing in exchange for testimonials
    • Use similar product testimonials until you get some for this new offer

    The most important part is: where you place these testimonials within your sales page. 

    You will likely want to have a testimonial section. But if testimonials make sense after other sections of your sales page copy – add them in! When and where it makes sense, testimonials can help to break up the text for the reader.

    Add a money back guarantee

    Adding a guarantee on your (or client’s) product or service makes your potential customers feel safe in buying your product. That means guarantees are uber helpful in amping up those conversions.

    Would you buy a product that you could get your money back on if you absolutely didn’t like it? Probably.