If you landed on this page, that probably means you need to write a sales page, ASAP. If you are a DIY eco business owner ready to launch a new sustainable product or service for your eco niche- I’m about to go all in on how to write the perfect sales page copy that will have your readers whipping out their credit card faster than you say “Go green or go home.” 

Now, you can have a bomb marketing strategy that gets plenty of traffic coming onto your sales page. But if your copy sucks, you can’t convert your audience.

Wait, but how can I fix this?

Well, You need to convince people:

  1. To buy what you are selling.
  2. That they will reap the incredible benefits of your offer by investing in you

Alright, I get your point. But…

How do I actually write a sales page that converts my readers into buyers?

Well first, you need to learn the basic copy components that go into a high converting sales page.

Which is EXACTLY why I made wrote not ONE but TWO blog posts about this.

So, are you ready to sit down and write the damn sales copy?

Ok, cool – me too.

So how do you write a sales page that converts those readers into buyers?

You learn how to write a sales page like PRO. 

Easy, right?

Ehh, it definitely can be easier than you think. Once you know what you’re doing. 

First you need to learn the basic components that go into a successful sales page. There is a process and it does take a little practice. 

You definitely need to learn the best practices to write a sales page, but more importantly, you need to know your audience (or your clients) inside and out.

Your audience is the most important player in the sales page game because they are the one’s exchanging their money for your product or service.

That’s it. All you need to know! End of blog post. 

Just kidding. There is way more to it than that – but that is the main basic idea. And that’s why I it’s the #1 tip for writing the best damn sales page on the world wide web. Let me explain.

Understand your target audience

Who exactly are you talking to?

You need to nail this before you even write the first word. Seriously.

Create a customer avatar that epitomizes your target audience. Get into the details and really think about who you are talking to. You need to know: names, ages, single, married, number of kids, gender, affiliation. Be able to answer questions like…

  • What do they want? 
  • What are their life choices? 
  • Are they regretful of past choices? 
  • What do they need?

But most of all – you need to know what keeps them up at night.

This will help you to truly understand their pain points, their challenges and how they can be motivated to choose your solution to their problems. Ultimately, the more you know about your audience, the stronger your sales page will be.

If you have previous clients you might already know what some of their pain points were before you started working with them. Tap into those points and really understand where their problems came from and how you could help them with your offer.

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    Nail Your Headline

    Headings (and subheadings) are easy to dismiss or overlook when writing your sales page. Too often, clients tell me that they started with the body text of their sales page and then tackled the headlines as an afterthought. 

    This is a terrible idea! 

    And I’ll tell you why. 

    Your heading – especially that first one you see on the page – is the most important part of your sales page. Yep, THE most important part. 

    The heading is the FIRST thing your audience will read (and sometimes the ONLY thing they’ll read if it isn’t very good.)

    A headline is there to make your audience curious and grab their attention so they will keep reading.

    That’s IT. No sales, no jargon – just keep them keep reading.

    If you have a crappy headline, your audience is going to click off your page faster than ice cream melts on a hot summer day in Texas. 

    Your headline is what entices your visitors to keep reading your sales page. Your headline should make them curious and grab their attention so they will keep reading. 

    And you NEED them to keep reading if you want to land the sale.

    Basically, a headline can make or break your sales page. Plain and simple.

    Now, don’t think you can hook your audience in just a few words? Don’t worry, you’ve also got subheadings to help you nail the sale.

    Subheadings can be a little longer than a traditional headline. So you’ll have one more opportunity to hook your audience. 

    Key Takeaway: Don’t underestimate a headline.

    Describe The BENEFITS of your Product or Service

    Now that you’ve nailed your headline and subheadline, it’s time to tackle the meat of your sales page. This is where you will show your reader how your offer will benefit them. 

    What will they get after they buy and implement your offer?

    This is where you bring up their pain points and paint a picture of how their life will look when they solve their issue.

    Remind them why they are here or why they are looking for a solution

    Your audience wants to know exactly how your offer will benefit them. Don’t get too carried away with specifics or fancy feature attributes here – this isn’t the place yet. 

    Bullet points help highlight and emphasize these benefits so the reader can easily identify and find them as they scroll through your sales page.

    Let’s say you are offering a course to help women stay stylish while minimizing their wardrobe to reduce their impact and participation in fast fashion.

    The benefits (or outcomes) of taking this course are to:

    • have a style that reflects who they truly are
    • have a closet filled only with clothes they actually wear
    • reduce their fashion footprint by having a wardrobe that aligns with their values.

    Ultimately they will feel confident, beautiful and ethical with their wardrobe – after they buy and implement your course.

    Do you see how this only highlights benefits? (and did you notice my bullet points?)

    Key Takeaway: Get into the details and provide ample descriptions of the BENEFITS you are offering. This helps your audience imagine what is possible for their future if they have you there to guide them.

    And we’ve only just started. Click to continue reading Part II of How to Write Sales Page Copy That Converts – for Ecopreneurs here.

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